Touch and go for snow

Welcome to Mt Hotham ... on a good day some years ago! What will it be like this weekend? Who can tell with temperatures teasingly hovering around Oc during this week and a lot of precipitation forecast.

Some good snow last week at Falls and Hotham put back the snow that was lost in that annoyingly warm week. Mt Buller suffered terribly and is only just keeping it together.

Hotham has the Orchard runs open again and will be hoping this week will bring rain and not snow so that it can keep them open.

Quite a lot of something is forecast, so there could be joy or pain this weekend! I tip joy, especially from Thursday's snowfalls.

Falls and Hotham both have close to 1 metre of snow, with poor Buller at around 40cms and looking in for some serious trouble this week.

We will be staying at Shadybrook Cottages in Harrietville again and catching up with some people on the mountain when the forecast is for clearing weather.

Over in New Zealand there has finally been a new snowfall after only one significant snowfall this season. And its coming down beautifully with many resorts likely to get up to 1 metre of snow, setting up the peak ski months of August and September beautifully.

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  1. Hey Adam and Louise - hopefully we will be able to catch up with you guys at some point on the mountain this weekend! This time I'm much better prepared - bought a set of hip, knee and wrist pads on Ebay that arrived today - so my fragile glass body should hopefully hold up for more than one day this time around...