Snow in May does not a Good Winter Make

At least ... not necessarily! The cold snap that has hit the southeast of the continent this week has excited snowsports enthusiasts, in particular those unfortunate enough to have had to wait since September last year for anything to slide on.

Granted, it has been a good fall of snow with up to a foot in places across NSW and VIC. The resorts' marketing operations have gone into overdrive, knowing that snow on the news equals bookings.

But those seasoned snow-watchers will know that it has snowed a good fall in almost every May in the last ten years (in fact, it often snows once or twice in December or January in New South Wales and Victoria every year!). Sadly in many of those years, the snow melted before the ski season started properly.

But perhaps .... just perhaps ... this will be one of those years where we get a good run of cold spells and the snow tops up week after week. It would seem unfair to have had that during this recent spring and summer and not through winter!