Snow Report 29 August 2013 - Australia & New Zealand


Those of you who have been up at the skifields will know from experience that this has been the best period of 2013 for skiing in Victoria and New South Wales. Continual top-ups of snow during the last week have reinvigorated the ski season. Good times ... with great cover and all areas open!

Things have been warming up considerably: when the five-day forecast in Melbourne is 22-26c you know you're going to be getting some soft, spring skiing up in the mountains. That will mean freeze-thaw conditions with crunchy starts, and some loss of snow cover over the next week.

Not a lot of snow in the upcoming forecast, if any, over the next week. Lots of opportunity for sunny, t-shirt days however. Enjoy the spring skiing, but get up there soon!

Mt Hotham - Natural Snow Depth: 113cms
Falls Creek 29 August 2013 [Source: Falls FB page]
It finally happened! The Orchard opened early last week and has given people luck enough to be up there some great skiing at times when the snow was fresh. The runs over there have suffered a bit from icy conditions, but its been a good week for Hotham with the whole of the resort open.

Falls Creek - Natural Snow Depth: 135cms
Everything is open again at Falls Creek with great conditions over the past week. Falls will ski well into spring and has had a stand-out season with a good period of ski-in, ski-out, despite the unfortunate landslide that closed the road last weekend.

Mt Buller - Natural Snow Depth: 75cms
The storms of the past week have finally delivered Buller some snowy goodness. Lower trails have missed out a bit, but there is plenty of skiing to be had.

Perisher - Natural Snow Depth: Approx 75-175cms
Fantastic conditions across Perisher over the last few weeks. A great follow-up to last year's incredible ski season. The great news is that Perisher will be building a new quad chairlift at Guthega this summer. This lift is something to look forward to next year.

Mt Hutt 29 August 2013 [Source: Mt Hutt FB page]

Wow! That was a long wait. a few little top-ups over the past week were a teaser for the great snowfalls that arrived yesterday across the South Island. A long time coming! Things looks so much better now everything is refreshed.

Spring skiing is looking promising in NZ with a return to more variable weather systems. Lets hope there are continual systems coming across bringing new snow.

North Canterbury and Nelson

Rainbow (60/40cms) has got a nice new white coat, but Hanmer Springs has now closed for the season. Mt Lyford is looking good for when it reopens after 20cms of new snow fell yesterday.

Ohau 29 August [Source: Ohau FB page]

Wow, Porters (140/30cms) really needed that top-up and is looking so much more wintery after a 15cms snowfall. Mt Hutt (290/240cms) has retained its snowdepth form last week with a 25cms dump yesterday.

The Mackenzie

Ohau (110/55cms) scored the biggest fall of the last day with a whopping 40cms - they say it was the  - "biggest fall since June", while Roundhill (80cms) got 25cms, and Mt Dobson didn't miss out with a 15cms snowfall (100cms).

Treble Cone 29 August 2013 [Source: Treble Cone FB page]

A good little 10-15cms at Treble Cone (312/10cms) and Cardrona looks nice and white again to lower levels (130/55cms). Spring looks like being good in the Wanaka area!


Coronet Peak (85/42cms) and some fresh snow falling down to low levels last night. The Remarkables (115/70cms) is looking pretty good with 15cms powder overnight.


Snow Report 19 August 2013 - Australia & New Zealand


It has been good to see these winter weather systems crossing the high country areas of Victoria and New South Wales. Some rain, some sleet and some snow fell over the weekend. The higher resorts fared better but it was pretty touch-and-go all over.

The last week has seen many Australian ski resorts top the one-metre mark; something that was looking unlikely a month ago. This good August winter weather should set up some decent snow cover for late-August and well into September.

It became a lot colder today and snow is again falling, down to much lower levels than at the weekend. Snow is forecast through the week and then the forecast is for a lovely, fine weekend.

No photos this report as, well, nowhere in Australia or New Zealand has been particularly photogenic over the last week. Let the sun come out this weekend!

Mt Hotham - Natural Snow Depth: 108cms
We skied at Hotham this weekend and there was fresh snow each morning but the snowline was pretty high. Saturday was the pick with 17cms fresh reported. The snow became heavy as you headed down the pistes. Some fun runs in the trees at Blue Ribbon, and Heavenly Valley was skiing nicely all day.

On Sunday morning it was very wet and it was a relief when the rain stopped and our clothes could dry out. High winds eventually left only Village and Blue Ribbon running. Lower Playground was the pick of the day. The snow was very wet and not really building depth once you get down to the bottom and that is one of the reasons The Orchard is not yet open, but expect it to open tomorrow or later this week.

Falls Creek - Natural Snow Depth: 128cms
Skiing at Falls Creek has been good with fantastic cover across the mountain. Winds played havoc on Sunday, closing just about every lift. Its set up for a great week once the wind eases this week, while occasional snowfalls top up the pistes with fresh.

Mt Buller - Natural Snow Depth: 54cms
Buller missed out on much of the snow due to marginal temperatures. Nevertheless, most lifts are open and there is plenty of skiing to be had. This week should bring some much-needed fresh falls - expect a good top-up tomorrow morning!

Perisher - Natural Snow Depth: Approx 50-125 cms
Rain early in the warm part of the storm cycle soon turned to good snowfalls at the end of this weekend. Perisher has great coverage and most lifts open.


The big dry is finally over with a few small snowfalls at various skifields over the last week. Nothing major, but enough to freshen things up and bring some off-psite skiing online once again.

This Thursday looks like bringing some good snowfalls across the South Island. Bring it on!

North Canterbury and Nelson

Rainbow (50/30cms) has finally got some fresh snow, but Hanmer Springs (75cms) has gone on hold due to the lack of snow cover. Mt Lyford - 145cms after a good snowfall yesterday.


Porters (140/30cms) is skiing OK on the upper part of the mountain but is suffering in the warm, wet conditions. Mt Hutt (290/240cms) has lost a bit of snow in recent days with some rain. Snow is in the forecast for later this week.

The Mackenzie

Ohau (110/55cms), Roundhill (80cms), Mt Dobson has wet snow but all lifts open (100cms).


Lower slopes are disappearing at Treble Cone (284/0cms) this week, but should get some top-ups later this week. Cardrona (120/45cms).


Coronet Peak (85/42cms) and limited off-piste. The Remarkables (105/70cms) is still looking OK in preparation for some good late-August falls.


Snow Report 10 August 2013 - Australia & New Zealand


Snow at the weekend, followed by a little rain, then a good fall of snow again that lingered later through the week than initially expected. Although the icing on the cake - a predicted 60cm dump on Friday - didn't eventuate, the resorts are looking pretty good.
Blue Ribbon @Hotham 9 August [Source: Hotham FB page]

This weekend looks like being one of the best of the season so far, so enjoy if you're up on the mountains!

Another system is due through early next week - let's hope that brings another foot of snow!

Mt Hotham - Natural Snow Depth: 77cms
The Drift opened during the week, followed by - to some surprise and pleasure - Blue Ribbon on Friday. More snow needed to open Keogh's and The Orchard. Hopefully that will happen this week.

Falls Creek - Natural Snow Depth: 91cms
Falls is looking very good with all lifts open for the first time this weekend. The two pomas - International and Lakeside - are now running. Multiple runs now groomed in the summit bowl.

Mt Buller - Natural Snow Depth: 46cms
Buller opened more terrain during the week, and today only the Tirol and Boggy Creek T-bars are not operating.

Perisher 10 August [Source: Perisher.com.au]
Perisher - Natural Snow Depth: Approx 35-95
New snow this week has refreshed Perisher, which is now looking in beautiful shape. 45/47 lifts open for those up there today.

Thredbo - Natural Snow Depth: Approx 20-90cms
All lifts open and groomed runs across the resort.


A little snow midweek and Friday freshened things up and is a foretaste of things to come.

August is looking like turning much more snowy, starting yesterday in the south and spreading across the South Island later in the weekend.

North Canterbury and Nelson

Rainbow (40/15cms).  Hanmer Springs (72cms) will reopen its poma lift tomorrow. Mt Lyford - 140cms with all lifts still open.

Mt Dobson 10 August 2013 [Source: mtdobson.co.nz]

Porters (160/40cms) looks great on the upper part of the mountain. Mt Hutt (315/265cms) has been having a great, busy year and recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.

The Mackenzie

Ohau (100/55cms), Roundhill (80cms), Mt Dobson still has good cover across its slopes (100cms).


A couple of good snowfalls up high for Treble Cone (288/5cms) this week, but the area around the base needs a lot more to turn it white again. Cardrona (120/45cms).


Coronet Peak (80/40cms) and limited off-piste. The Remarkables (100/55cms).


Snow Report 3 August 2013 - Australia & New Zealand


The good news everyone is that the snow has begun to fall nicely and the next few days (and indeed weeks) are looking very promising indeed. We want to see some decent cover build up across the Australian ski resorts. Most of them got around 10cms on Friday and more is forecast for today and into Tuesday.

The return to winter has been long-awaited. Today's report is a just a quick update as the snow begins to fall it should make everything white again for some nice pictures next week!

Finally, we are looking like getting a follow-up weather system to build on the snowfalls this weekend and early next week. Perhaps we're in for a fantastic late season in 2013!

Mt Hotham - Natural Snow Depth: 42cms - Good work by Hotham keeping Heavenly Valley open. Lifts not running at The Orchard, Gotcha, Blue Ribbon or The Drift.

Falls Creek - Natural Snow Depth: 53cms - Falls has done pretty well, as it does tend to do in leaner snow years, with most lifts open.

Mt Buller - Natural Snow Depth: 15cms - Buller lost most of its snow in the past few weeks but is white again today.

Perisher - Natural Snow Depth: Approx 10-60cms - 34/47 lifts at Perisher which has probably weathered the last few weeks the best.

Thredbo - Natural Snow Depth: Approx 10-70cms


Sunny, mild conditions in New Zealand for weeks now. Most ski areas haven't received new snow since 14/15 July. With the change in weather conditions in Australia, hopefully this will follow on in New Zealand also and return the skifields to winter.

Not a lot of snow in the next few days, but the coming weeks hold more potential.

North Canterbury and Nelson

Rainbow (40/15cms) - The T-bar is running but West Bowl is closed. Hanmer Springs (90cms). Mt Lyford - 155cms and still good cover.


Porters (160/40cms) has lost a lot of snow on the lower part of the mountain. Mt Hutt (320/290cms) has shipped in some tracked people-movers - Hagglunds - to shuttle people up from the bottom of the International area.

The Mackenzie

Ohau (90/55cms). Roundhill (80cms) is still looking ok considering the warm run of days, as is Mt Dobson (100cms).


Treble Cone (275/5cms) has been grooming some great pistes into the Saddle Basin to make it more skiable with the freeze-thaw conditions. Cardrona (115/45cms).


Coronet Peak (80/40cms). Solid off-piste are the go around the Queenstown area in these conditions at both CP and The Remarkables (105/65cms).