Into the white unknown

How things change in a week. The warm weather we have experienced in Melbourne has not done the ski resorts any favours. Last time I wrote we were hoping for a fantastic 1.5m snow depth. This week's weather has resulted in massive snow melt.

This weekend is a crucial one for the Victorian Alps and could put the snow back on the runs. Weather buffs aren't sure how it will pan out - when will the rain turn to snow? Hopefully on Friday 5th it will get cold early. Especially as we're up to beautiful Harrietville at Shady Brook Cottages for skiing at Mt Hotham this weekend. Lets see what happens!

Friends interested in travelling up - our next trip may be 19/20 August.

Over in New Zealand, a mixed season with some areas (Treble Cone) scoring great snow and some missing out (Mt Hutt). Here's hoping for a cold, snowy August/September peak NZ ski dump.

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