Snow Report 31 December 2015 - Europe & Japan

Nozawa Onsen 28.12.15 - Nozawa Onsen Facebook
Here we are at the end of another year yet right at the start of a new ski season for Europe and Japan. Is the snow arriving later each year?

While some European high altitude ski resorts with good snowmaking facilities have done OK, the season has not really got started yet for the smaller stations.

In Japan, meanwhile, the first decent dump of winter opened most of the resorts in time for the busy new year break.


The snowfalls began on Christmas Day and continued on for a few days delivering some nice white powder presents to those on the slopes over the holidays.

Niseko and Myokokogen did the best with snow continuing through the week with about 20cm each day. Elsewhere was more varied with Hakuba not quite getting 20cm total from the storm.

Niseko (Grand Hirafu) - 115cm@base. Has been scoring big with 20cm each day until a nice clear day yesterday to enjoy the views.

Gala Yuzawa 28.12.15 - Gala Facebook
Zao Onsen - 25cm@base (954m), 70cm up high (1387m). Skiing is now available at most of the resort except for the lowest areas (like the fun Omori area).

Naeba/Kagura - 20cm around Christmas and a further 30cm yesterday has opened up lots of Naeba after the slow start. Yuzawa Town ski resorts are also starting to open more slopes, including Gala Yuzawa.

Shiga Kogen - snow on and off for the past week has transformed the vast Shiga Kogen areas, and now all the resorts are open and most slopes skiable.

Nozawa Onsen - 50cm@base (660m), 90cm at Yamabiko (1615m). Good snowfalls on and off for the past week means most of Nozawa Onsen's lifts are now running.

Dynaland 28.12.15 - Dynaland Facebook
Myokokogen (Akakan) - 90cm. Lots of snow in the past week means most of the terrain is now open.

Hakuba (Happo One) - 10cm@Base, 70cm at Usagadaira.

Dynaland - 70cm. Snow in the past week has opened more lifts at this Gifu ski area.

The coming few days look a bit mixed with sunny spells, some snow showers and possibly some rain if it stays mild.


More sunny mild weather in the French Alps and no snow to speak of except that coming out of the snowguns at night. Resort snow depths haven't changed from last week.

Chamonix (Grands Montets) 25cm@1972m, 4/16 pistes open

Val d'Isere 29.12.15 - Val d'Isere Facebook
Val d'Isere 29cm@1850m, 101/166 pistes open

Les Arcs 12cm@1600m, 53/109 pistes open

Val Thorens 45cm@2300m, 57/81 pistes open

Serre Chevalier 30cm@2100m, 13/81 pistes open

Isola 2000 30cm@2000m, 8 pistes open

A substantial snowfall is forecast for the Northern and Southern Alps over the weekend, continuing into next week. It looks set up for some great skiing in France from the middle of next week.


Its a wonder there is skiing at all in Italy, but these days the snowmaking is incredible. Thankfully there will be some natural snow in the new year and here's hoping for a cracking January. From experience its a great time to be on the slopes in the Italian Alps.

Monterosa 29.12.15 - Monte Rosa Facebook
Monte Rosa now has 24 of 95 slopes open across its seven ski areas

Madesimo 6/33 pistes open.

Madonna di Campiglio (0cm@1500m) has 22 slopes open.

Val Gardena 0cm@1500m.

There is snow from the weekend in the next storm. How much will fall, only time will tell. Certainly the northern and western ski areas like Monterosa and Cervinia will do better than the Dolomites, but everywhere should get a good fall in the next week, enough to lay down some good natural snow cover.


Snow Report 24 December 2015 - Europe & Japan

While I sadly don't have a Northern Hemisphere ski trip planned this season, its still great to keep an eye on how the resorts are looking. I'll bet those of you planning your trips are suitably excited and I wish you all a great ski or ride in the coming months, wherever you choose to travel!

Niseko Grand Hirafu 24.12.15 - niseko.ne.jp/

The healthy snowfalls at the end of last week petered out over the weekend, and by Monday it became a little wet at village level. Some snow up high, but nothing to write home about.

Not the best start to the season, but hold your horses because that all looks like changing pretty quickly.

Niseko (Grand Hirafu) - 60cm@base, 180cm@1000m

Zao Onsen - 15cm@base (954m), 50cm up high (1387m), with skiing now available at Diamond Valley and Uwanodai areas in addition to Chuo and Utopia. These are some of the main areas across the upper slopes and make for quite a bit of terrain.

Naeba/Kagura - no natural snow, 35cm on snowmaking runs at Naeba, but most of nearby Kagura is open. Many of the Yuzawa resorts are still to open.

Nozawa Onsen 24.12.15 - nozawaski.com
Shiga Kogen - limited skiing on a number of runs across the vast area. There is no snow at the snow monkey onsen nearby!

Nozawa Onsen - 0cm@base (660m), 40cm at Yamabiko (1615m). Skiing is limited to the upper slopes at Nozawa Onsen.

Myokokogen - no snow, only a couple of lifts open at Akakura Onsen ski resort, other resorts not yet open.

Hakuba (Happo One) - 0cm@Base, 50cm at Usagadaira, skiing limited to Usagadaira and upper Panorama.

Dynaland - limited natural snow

The coming weekend looks good for a dump. It should start snowing on Friday, lowering to sea level later in the weekend and getting pretty heavy. A classic Japow dump! All the ski resorts should be able to open for the new year.

Meribel 23.12.15 - les3vallees.com

More sunny weather. No snow. The natural snow levels begin high up at 2000-2500m in the Northern Alps with any resort snow below those levels due to snowmaking.

Still its remarkable to see how may pistes the major ski stations can open without natural snow:

Chamonix (Grands Montets) 25cm@1972m, only a few pistes open

Val d'Isere 29cm@1850m, 99/166 pistes open
Serre Chevalier 23.12.15 - www.serre-chevalier.com/

Les Arcs 12cm@1600m, 53/109 pistes open

Val Thorens 45cm@2300m, 55/81 pistes open

Serre Chevalier 30cm@2100m, 11/81 pistes open

Isola 2000 30cm@2000m, 8 pistes open

When will the next snow be? Not in the next few days thats pretty certain but maybe (hopefully) in the new year.

Monterosa Ski 21.12.15 - Monterosa Facebook

The skiing in Italy is fairly limited and resorts with massive snowmaking infrastructure will be the go for the timebeing.

Monte Rosa now has 12 of 95 slopes open across its seven ski areas

Madesimo 5 pistes open.

Madonna di Campiglio has 13 lifts operating

Val Gardena is now linked to the rest of Dolomiti Superski by the Sella Ronda in both directions. Amazing!


Snow Report 17 December 2015 - Europe & Japan

With the holiday season approaching, ski resorts in Europe and Japan are grooming their pistes and guest houses are decorating their rooms ready to welcome guests for a snowy, white Christmas and New Year holiday.

Nozawa Onsen 17.12.15 - Nozawa Onsen webcam

We had a mixed bag of weather across mainland Japan over the past week with some sunny days, some rain and some flakes of snow.

It was a fine start to the week, becoming cloudy and wet on Tuesday and Wednesday. Snow has arrived overnight into Thursday morning on both Honshu and Hokkaido.

Niseko - 45cm bottom/145cm top.

Zao Onsen - 5cm@Base, 25cm up high, with skiing limited to the Chuo and Utopia areas only

Naeba/Kagura - no snow
Happo One 16.12.15 - Happo One Facebook
Shiga Kogen - limited skiing on a number of runs across the vast area

Nozawa Onsen - 0cm@Base, 15cm at Yamabiko, the resort is not open yet

Myokokogen - no snow, no resorts open yet

Hakuba - Happo One - 0cm@Base, 40cm at Usagadaira

Dynaland - limited natural snow

Snow is expected to continue to fall into the weekend in Hokkaido, and on and off in Honshu.


Sunny fine days continued until Tuesday when it became almost two weeks without snow for most ski resorts. The good start at the beginning of the month has not been followed through.

Chamonix Balme 16.12.15 - Chamonix.com
Unfortunately only a dusting fell again earlier this week and the snow was limited to the higher slopes in the Northern Alps.

Chamonix (Grands Montets) 25cm@1972m, 3/16 pistes open

Val d'Isere 32cm@1850m, 71/166 pistes open

Les Arcs 47/109 pistes open

Val Thorens 50cm@2300m, 46/81 pistes open

Serre Chevalier 30cm@2100m

Isola 2000 30cm@2000m

The coming days look like being sunny and warm with no sign of much snow on the immediate horizon.

Val Gardena 16.12.15 - Valgardena.it

Most of the skiing in Italy is now thanks to fantastic efforts of snowmaking.

Monte Rosa has only four of 95 slopes open across its seven ski areas

Madesimo 5 pistes open.

Madonna di Campiglio has 12 lifts operating

Val Gardena in the Dolomites has incredibly managed to open many pistes with snowmaking despite a complete lack of natural snow.


Snow Report 10 December 2015 - Europe & Japan

Hi everybody! There were mostly sunny, fine and mild conditions across the Northern Alps through the weekend with more ski stations looking to open for the season.

Snow fell nicely in Japan since my report last week, especially in Hokkaido. Conditions are pretty okay for so early in the season, depending on your resort of choice.


The good news ...

Hakuba received another 20cm at the end of last week and there is fairly good cover on the upper slopes. Other Hakuba resorts in addition to Happo One have opened limited areas during the past week.

Happo One 08.12.15 - Happo One Facebook
Almost half a metre of snow fell at Zao Onsen in Yamagata Prefecture late last week, allowing quite a few lifts to open on the upper parts of this big Yamagata ski area.

Around 10-15cm each day fell on the mountains in Hokkaido until Tuesday. A substantial part of the terrain at the various Niseko resorts is now open, but not all quite yet.

The not so great news ...

Shiga Kogen in Nagano Prefecture opened more ski lifts through the past week, but things are still fairly limited as far as terrain goes.

Skiing is very limited (read "grassy") at Naeba, which is due to open this weekend. Only nearby Kagura has runs available at the highest point of the linked ski areas.

Still no snow at the base of Nozawa Onsen with only a little cover higher up.

The rest of the week looks a bit wet on the mainland with a mix of snow and rain on Hokkaido.

Val d'Isere 09.12.15 - Val d'Isere Facebook

A sunny weekend and run of mild, clear days ended Tuesday with just a little bit of snow for the Northern French Alps - 5cm at Chamonix, 2-3cm at Val Thorens and Val d'Isere.

Conditions are good on the upper slopes at the higher resorts, but skiing back to village is still limited and southern resorts have very little snow.

Chamonix (Grands Montets) opened on the weekend but lifts and pistes are limited right now.
Val d'Isere (59cm@3000m, 30cm@1800m) has 43/78 lifts open.

Les Arcs will open on 12th December.

Val Thorens (75cm@3200m, 55cm@2300m) is a safe bet this time of year.
Other Trois Vallees resorts like Meribel opened on the weekend.

Serre Chevalier will open on 12th December.
Isola 2000 opened on 5th December but there has been far less snow in the south. 5 pistes are open thanks to snowmaking with 30cm snowdepth on the open runs.

The sun and clear weather is expected to continue through the weekend.

Madonna di Campiglio 07.12.15 - Camiglio Funivie Facebook

It had been some time since there were any snowfalls in Italy and unfortunately the mountains are not so white.

However, its early days and the snow will arrive

Madesimo has 3 lifts and 3 pistes open.

Madonna di Campiglio is now open every day and the resort has done a great job to get lots of runs open.

Parts of Val Gardena opened last weekend with up to 30cm snowdepth.


Snow Report 3 December 2015 - Europe & Japan

There was more snow in the Northern Alps during the weekend, making for an excellent start to the ski season across big swathes of Europe.
Happo One 28.11.15 - Happo Facebook

The resort slopes are starting to get white and powdery in Japan as well and there have been some limited openings already. Check out more details below.

Happo One ski resort in Hakuba reported 35cm of snow on Saturday and promptly opened a few lifts giving access to some of the upper slopes.

Zao Onsen in Yamagata Prefecture is looking very snowy after a couple of small falls in the past week, but not enough snow to open the upper lifts yet.

Niseko Hirafu 01.12.15 - Niseko United Facebook
Resorts at Niseko in Hokkaido began to open lifts after a weekend dump of up to half a metre.

Shiga Kogen in Nagano Prefecture has opened a run at Kumanoyu.

Kagura has also opened a short run at the top thanks to snowmaking. Its about ten days to go before the broader areas around Naeba and Mitsumata open.

No snow at the base of Nozawa Onsen and sparse cover higher up.

Rain is in the forecast from this morning, turning to snow across Japan on Friday and Saturday. Expect more openings in the coming weeks.

Val d'Isere 05.12.15 - Val d'Isere Facebook

Snowfalls on the weekend made for some excellent early season conditions.

Sunny days this week have made for glorious days on the slopes ... and its only the first week of December!

Val Thorens (115cm@3200m, 85cm@2300m) - The rest of the Trois Vallees is readying to open through December
Val d'Isere (60cm@3000m, 28cm@1800m) and Tignes

Chamonix (Grands Montets) and Isola 2000 open on 5th December.
Les Arcs will open on 12th December.
Serre Chevalier will open some lifts for the weekends only until 12th December.

Monte Rosa 02.12.15 - Monte Rose Facebook
The sun and clear weather is expected to continue through the weekend.


Italy has mostly missed out on the Alpine snowfalls to the north and west. The week has been sunny and mild and thats set to continue.

Monte Rosa in the Aosta region is due to open this weekend and has been trying hard to get runs available across its many areas.
Madesimo has a few lifts and one piste open.
Madonna di Campiglio has opened a few pistes up at the top, but plans to open every day from 4th December. Skiing will be very limited.
Val Gardena in the Dolomites is due to open this weekend but skiing will be limited to slopes that have been opened through snowmaking efforts.


Snow Report 26 November 2015 - Europe & Japan

Val Thorens 21.11.15 - Val Thorens Facebook
The first big snows arrived in Europe last weekend. About 50-80cm fell at the resorts close to the central Alps, with the snowfalls centred on Switzerland.

A little snow fell on the peaks only at Niseko over last weekend. This week brought a little more snow to Hokkaido with some rain mixed in. Becoming much colder on the weekend.

A little snow has been falling in Honshu also, with the upper slopes of the higher ski areas getting the goods while the lower slopes and villages got a bit wet. Its also set to get colder on Friday, lowering the snow level.

Les Arcs 22.11.15 - Les Arcs Facebook
Niseko, Nozawa Onsen and the top of Kagura typically open on 28th November. The rest are set to get lifts running some time in mid-December, however Happo One in Hakuba has promised to open the top lifts at least as soon as there is enough snow.


Snow arrived last Friday at the higher altitudes in the northern Alps ski stations at first. Then on Saturday the snow lowered to village level and really set in nicely.

Val d'Isere 22.11.15 - Val d'Isere Facebook
Its snowed on and off through the weekend in the north. Val Thorens reported 60cm at 2300m from the weekend's storm.

The southern Alps missed out on the big falls, but the peaks are now white.

Val Thorens, Val d'Isere and Chamonix's Grand Montets ski area opened this weekend. Isola on 5th December. Les Arcs on 12 December. Serre Chevalier will open some lifts for the weekends only until mid-December.

Val Thorens 22.11.15 - Val Thorens Facebook

Monte Rosa got snow, but not as much as was expected. About 25-30cm above 2300m altitude. It seems unlikely to open lifts this weekend.

Madonna di Campiglio only received a dusting, and Val Gardena was passed by.

Madonna di Campiglio and Monte Rosa opened limited areas on the 21st November last year.


Snow Report 19 November 2015 - Europe & Japan

Just a few more weeks to go now as preparations are finalised at the resorts and we watch the weather in anticipation of the first big storm of the season. The pictures today don't look white, but they will by next week!

If you're planning trips to Japan or Europe, don't forget to check out my trip report posts from previous years for some ideas:
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Niseko 18.11.15 - Niseko United Facebook

A warm and rainy weekend all over Japan gave way to a few fine and warm days before the rain set in again. It has been clearing up for a bit in the middle of this week, before some snowfalls on the weekend but only in Hokkaido.

That's good news for Niseko, which was due to open on 21st November but has now announced a postponement until there is more snow. Check out this cool video of my friend's trip to Niseko in early 2015.

Nozawa Onsen and the top of Kagura typically open on 28th November. The rest typically open some time in mid-December.

Last year, there was no snow on the ski fields until the first week of December, when it dumped up to a metre. Check out my report from last year.


Les Houches 18.11.15 - chamonix.com
Fine and warm conditions through the weekend continued into this week. There are signs of a massive dump this weekend associated with some very cold weather. Here's hoping!

Val Thorens is usually among the first ski stations to open lifts in November, opening on 21st November last year. Opening this year has been delayed until the 28th November allowing time for the runs and lifts to be prepared after the forthcoming storm.

Of our featured resorts, Val d'Isere is also due to open on the 28th November, Les Arcs on 12 December, Chamonix (Grands Montets) on 28th November, and Isola on 5th December.

However, things were slow to get started last year, with limited skiing right up until Christmas. That doesn't look like being repeated this year if this weekend's storm comes off!

Alpe di Siusi - valgardena.it

Fine and warm conditions have been the order of the week in Italy as well. However, the storm this coming weekend should deliver snow to the ski areas up close to Switzerland and Austria near the main Alps. Its not likely there'll be as much snow falling as in France but any snowfall is welcome at this time of year.

Madonna di Campiglio and Monte Rosa opened limited areas on the 21st November last year.


Snow Report 12 November 2015 - Europe & Japan

November is a month of preparations as the ski resorts in Europe and Japan begin to organise themselves in advance of the first dumps of snow. Skiing is still limited to glaciers in Europe right now, and Japow is some time off. But the dustings on the peaks will soon turn into the occasional good fall to village level.
Happo One 31.10.15 - Happo Facebook


A little dusting at the end of last month whitened the peaks on Honshu and Hokkaido.

Nothing much to speak of has fallen since, and this weekend looks a bit wet and warm.

Niseko is due to kick off ski area openings in Japan on 21st November, followed by Nozawa Onsen and the top of Kagura on 28th November. Dependent on snow, of course.


Warm conditions across the continent have kept the snow reserved to the peaks and the glaciers.

This weather pattern is expected to continue with sunny mild days in the Alps, so little snow on the horizon for now.

Cervinia 08.11.15 - Cervinia Facebook
The Grand Motte glacier at Tignes is open with five trails available on 60cms.


In Italy, Cervinia in Aosta is open (3 runs, 115cm), and Val Senales (6 runs, 75cm) and Solda (6 runs, 60cm) in South Tirol are open.


Snow Report 29 October 2015 - Europe & Japan

Greetings snow fans!

Happo One 26.10.15 - Happo FB page
We're still quite a way off from snow season openings - these typically occur in late November - but the weather is changing and as autumn begins to give way to winter there has been a bit of snow around to get us in the mood.


No snow yet however in Japan, unless you count the occasional dusting. Its getting colder though.

The coming week looks a bit wet and may only bring another dusting to the peaks rather than any significant snow.


Some good snowfalls last week, and a top-up yesterday have whitened all the peaks in the Northern Alps.
Cervinia 27.10.15 - Cervinia FB page

Les Deux Alpes is opening for a week until 1st November with skiing on the glacier.

The Grand Motte glacier at Tignes is also open with five trails available.


Big snowfalls last week with more than 50cm in places, but the fine and mild weather has melted the snow below the very highest peaks and glaciers.

Cervinia reopened for weekend skiing on the upper slopes last weekend. A top-up of snow this week makes for great conditions for this time of they year.


Snow Report 15 October 2015 - Europe & Japan

With the Southern Hemisphere ski and boarding season wrapping up (although there are still some options in New Zealand if you're super keen!), its time to look forward to the coming Northern Hemisphere season which begins at the end of 2015 and runs into 2016.

Its at this time that the ski resorts across Europe, North America and Northern Asia begin to get things ready, and get their social media and marketing firing. Early pictures of snowfalls are obligatory ... so I've shared some with you!

Val Thorens 14.10.15 [Source: Val Thorens FB page]
Opening dates are still some way off. November usually sees some high-altitude resorts get started, but mid-December is more typical. Depending on the season, conditions can be quite marginal with limited skiing well into December some years.

My reports focus on Japan, France and Italy, as thats where I've skied before. If you're planning your trips or already booked, you might be interested in reading some of my previous trip reports. They are:

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Monte Rosa 14.10.15 [Source: Monte Rosa Fb page]

Happy planning!

So what snow have we had so far in the pre-season?

There have been some dustings above 2500m in France and the Northern Italian Alps in October, but this week is the first serious snowfall down to lower levels.

There was a dusting in mainland Japan and Hokkaido at the beginning of October but not a lot since.

The week ahead? Tonight and tomorrow should provide further snowfalls in the French Alps down to village level at Chamonix and Trois Vallees.

Les Arcs 14.10.15 [Source: Les Arcs FB page]
But the Italian Alps could see some big dumps over the next few days, maybe more than half a metre at places like Monte Rosa and Madesimo.

In Japan, it is mainly fine, sunny and warm through to this weekend with some spots of rain.


Snow Report 1 October 2015 - Australia & New Zealand

Most ski resorts down under close their lifts at the end of this Sunday. There are some exceptions - Rainbow (11 October), Mt Hutt (now extended until 14 October) and Cardrona (11 October) on the South Island of New Zealand, while Ruapehu on the North Island continues on until late October/early November.

Here's a bit of what you can expect at the open ski fields:

Cardrona 29.09.15 [Source: Cardrona FB page]

Mt Hutt 30.09.15 [Source: Mt Hutt FB page]

Rainbow 28.09.15 [Source: Rainbow FB page]

Ruapehu 28.09.15 [Source: Ruapehu FB page]


Snow Report 24 September 2015 - Australia & New Zealand

Falls Creek 20.09.15 [Source: Falls FB page]
Hi everyone! There are still a few weeks of skiing available on both sides of the Tasman.


A warm weekend again gave way to a cold snap. It didn't bring that much snow, however, but enough to make things fun for the final few days of the season.
Hotham 23.09.15 [Source: Hotham FB page]
Closing dates:

Mt Buller - 27 September

Mt Hotham - 27 September

Falls Creek - 27 September

Perisher - 5 October

Thredbo - 5 October

Perisher 23.09.15 [Source: Perisher FB page]


Snow on the weekend across the South Island. There was a nice dump at Mt Hutt and Porters. Clearing for a fine start to the week. A little rain/snow in Canterbury but fine elsewhere.
Rainbow 22.09.15 [Source: Rainbow FB page]
This weekend looks like being mainly fine with a chance of some snow showers on Saturday, then clearing.

If you have time, check out this fascinating story about Mount Dobson.
Mt Dobson 22.09.15 [Source: Mt Dobson FB page]
North Canterbury and Nelson

Rainbow - 11 October
Hanmer Springs - Closed
Mt Lyford - Closed
Mt Hutt 20.09.15 [Source: Mt Hutt FB page]

Mt Hutt - 4 October
Porters - 4 October

The Mackenzie

Ohau - 4 October
Roundhill - 4 October
Mt Dobson - 4 October
Cardrona 22.09.15 [Source: Cardrona FB page]

Treble Cone - 27 September
Cardrona - 11 October
Treble Cone 20.09.15 [Source: Treble Cone FB page]

Coronet Peak - 4 October
The Remarkables - 27 September

* Note actual closing dates can be changed if there is still good snow, which there is this year.
Remarks 22.09.15 [Source: Remarks FB page]


Snow Report 17 September 2015 - Australia & New Zealand

School holidays begin this weekend for Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The ski resorts will want to stay open for the 2-week holidays if they can, although some have set an earlier closing date.

In New Zealand, holidays begin a week later and also run for two weeks. Lots of ski fields will be open through this period.


A warm and sunny weekend came and went, with strong winds contributing to the snow melt. Mount Hotham recorded maximum temperatures of 12.5c and 15.3c at the summit on Saturday and Sunday!

Perisher 17.09.15 [Source: Perisher website]
On Tuesday it became a little cooler but this started out with rain. This turned to a snow showers or two before drying up. The weekend is looking mostly fine with a chance of a last few days of snow next week.

Mt Buller has nine lifts running with the Grimus, Boggy Creek, Bonza, South Side and Bull Run areas now out of action. Mt Hotham still have Heavenly Valley, the Village loop and Summit areas open. Falls Creek has good coverage in Sun Valley and Ruined Castle. Perisher has 29 of its 46 lifts running for the weekend. At Thredbo, all 14 lifts are operating.


It has been a bit windy as the prevailing spring northwesterly winds dominate. There is some fresh snow in the forecast through the weekend and conditions are still excellent at many fields.

North Canterbury and Nelson

Rainbow is closed today but has good cover. Hanmer Springs and Mt Lyford are closed for the season.


Mt Hutt is closed today in the strong spring northwesterlies but has good cover to keep going well into October. Porters has lost a bit of snow in the warmer weather, but has good cover up the top.

Remarkables 16.09.15 [Source: Remarks FB page]
The Mackenzie

Ohau has great cover for the time of year. Roundhill is closed for the season. Mt Dobson is closed today in the wind but will reopen.


Treble Cone and Cardrona both have some of the best coverage I have seen at this time of year.


Coronet Peak and The Remarkables also both have great cover with all lifts and runs open.