Skiing with Kids in Australia & New Zealand

En route to Mt Buller - 26 August 2012
Here is a round-up of day-pass discounts provided to young kids and older children at skifields around Australia and New Zealand.


Generally speaking, you can start out on the slopes with kids at the age of about three and they can ski or ride for at least a couple of years for free.

From the age of around five or six they can then ski at about half price until they are about 14 years old (but interestingly up to 17 at most places in NZ).

My awards for the best deals on daily rates go to The Remarkables and Mt Hutt where kids ski for free up to age 10, and Mt Buller which extends the youth rate to Year 12.

Don't forget: first-timer and beginner tickets are usually much cheaper than all-resort day tickets and can be bundled with other services like equipment rental and lessons. These are always the best deal for starting out with kids at the snow.

Even experienced kids usually get discounted ski and board rental too.

En route to Falls Creek - 18 August 2012
Look for family packages that bundle adults and kids together in one deal as these can offer further savings.

Now, I haven't covered tertiary students who may also get discounted passes, and often special deals for certain days of the week - so check with your friendly resorts! At many NZ skifields, Australian students with cards can get the local student rate.


Falls Creek and Mt Hotham - Young children up to the age of 5 ski for free at Falls and Hotham. Children 6-14 years pay half price (that's A$55). A once-off A$3 fee is required to cover the new RFID card.

Mt Buller - Children 4 years and under ski for free at Buller. Kids aged 5-14 pay A$61 (you will need a A$5 B-Tag). The good news is at Buller, this kids rate also applies to older children up to Year 12.

Perisher - Perisher is yet to announce day-pass pricing for 2013, so check the website in the next few weeks.

En route to Mt Hutt - 19 September 2012
Thredbo - Little ones 4 years and under ski for free, while kids aged 5-14 get a discount to A$64 (less if you prepurchase the passes online).

New Zealand

Rainbow - Kids up to age 6 ski for free, then from 7-17 years lift tickets are priced at NZ$35.

Mt Lyford - Children up to 5 ski for free up at Lyford. Children from 6-12 years pay NZ$20, and when they're 13-17 they'll pay NZ$35.

Mt Cheeseman - At the Cheese, children up to 9 years old can ski for free, while those 10-17 pay NZ$39 for a day pass.

Porters - Kids up to 6 ski for free. Children up to 17 pay NZ$44 per day.

Mt Hutt - Children all the way up to the age of 10 ski for free. Those aged 11-17 will pay NZ$51 for a lift ticket.

Mt Dobson - Children up to the age of 4 ski for free. Those aged 5-17 pay NZ$44 for a day on the slopes.

En route to Mt Dobson - 21 September 2012
Roundhill - Little ones up to the age of 5 ski for free. Those aged from 6-12 years pay NZ$36, and those aged 13-17 pay NZ$46 for a day pass.

Ohau - Children up to the age of 5 can ski for free. Those aged 6-17 pay only NZ$32 for a full day on the ski field.

Treble Cone - Young kids up to the age of 5 will ski for free at TC. Those aged 6-17 get a day pass for NZ$48.

Cardrona - Children up to the age of 5 ski for free. Those aged 6-17 pay NZ$49 for a day pass at Cardies.

Coronet Peak - Kids up to age 6 ski for free at CP. Those aged 7-17 pay NZ$54 for each day's lift ticket.

The Remarkables - Children all the way up to the age of 10 ski for free. Those aged 11-17 pay NZ$51 for a day riding Remarks.

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