Snow Report 4 February 2013 - Japan


After the heavy snows in the last week of January, the first week of February may seem to be something of a disappointment.

A little snow in some regions on Monday gave way to some nice sunny days. Great for a few days ... but massive snow is expected at this time of year rather than consistent nice weather. The midwinter has been a little erratic during 2013.

Anyway, I'd rather be back in Zao Onsen or Myokokogen where two metres of snow cover the skifields ... alas, I am back in Australia. The good news is that I should post my trip report for 2013 next weekend.

Sunny, warm, then rainy.
Happo One - 240/90cms

No real gains in snow depth since last weekend.
Akakura Kanko - 250cms
Seki Onsen - 430cms

20-40cms on Monday, followed by warm days.
Naeba/Kagura -  260cms/370cms
Gala Yuzawa - 320cms

Elsewhere ...
Nozawa Onsen - snow on Monday, then warm and now there is less snowdepth than last weekend - 280/115cms
Dynaland (Gifu) - 210cms
Zao Onsen - 230/135cms

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