Snow Report 8 January 2013 - Japan

Happo One 5 December [Source: Happo One FB page]

This is more like it! Central Japan got blasted last week by a fantastic winter storm that dumped epic amounts of snow in some regions.

Parts of Niigata got more than a metre in one and a bit days. Everywhere in central Honshu got good falls and the upper parts of most mountains now boast around two metres snowdepth.

A clearing spell arrived this weekend. Enjoy the pictures as clear, blue-sky days are rare mid-winter, at least they were last January.

A little light snow followed, and the next snowfalls are expected later this week. Nothing major on the forecast yet, however. That will no doubt change as the next storm rumbles in across from Siberia.

Togakushi 7 January [Source: Togakushi website]

Snow fell around the Hakuba area from New Year's Day through to 4th January. Around 60cms fell up high during the storm, while 20cms made the village areas nice and white.

Happo One ski area - 190/80cms
Shiga Kogen - 150/90cms
Togakushi ski area - 140cms


Bang! Niigata is renowned for its massive snowfalls ... and last week's was a beauty as it dumped consistently over several days. Nozawa Onsen and Myokokogen both received well over one metre over a period of less than two days. High-altitude Kagura is now boasting over 3 metres snowdepth.

Akakura Onsen 7 January [Source: Akakura Onsen website]
Akakura Onsen ski area - 210cms
Nozawa Onsen ski area - 230/100cms
Naeba ski area - 150cms
Kagura ski area- 320cms


Zao Onsen is in a very different part of the country to the western ski resorts around the Japanese Alps. Still, it received 35-70cms of snow last week during the big storm.

Zao Onsen ski area - 150/85cms

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