Snow Report 11 July 2012 - Australia & New Zealand


The forecasted rain arrived early this week and fortunately didn't do too much damage to the slopes. Falls Creek and Mt Hotham came out about even, and Mt Buller lost little cover. There is another day or so of marginal temperatures before it gets colder for the weekend and any precipitation will fall as snow. A little concern about the winds on the weekend, but hopefully not enough to halt lift operations.

Mt Hotham
Snow Depth: 82-102cms
The wonderful Orchard area has been open for more than a week now in this 2012 season, which is promising after missing out on skiing it altogether last year. I'm still optimistic and hopeful that Blue Ribbon will open in a week or two with the current snow forecast. That would see the whole of Mt Hotham ski area open in July.

This is what we like to see at Falls Creek [Source: Falls Creek Facebook Page]
Falls Creek
Snow Depth: 68-94cms
Over this past weekend Falls Creek opened Lakeside Poma, meaning every lift was running across the mountain. A magnificent effort! There must be some patchy areas in The Maze, but the Summit looks to have good cover that has not been much affected by the rain.

Mt Buller
Snow Depth: 26-72cms
What can I say? Buller has been really unlucky so far this year but still manages to get a good deal of lifts and runs open. I'd like to see Bull Run, Southside and Grimus lifts running before I made the trip up ... but there is some fine skiing boosted by some good snowmaking.


Wow ... the long, dry continues in New Zealand with little snow to mention since the last update. Worse news is that this weekend the forecast is rain for almost every skifield. And if it could get any worse, the extended forecast is for the rain to be followed by another dry and sunny high pressure system. New Zealand sometimes has these years where snow is hard to come by, but thankfully history shows that the systems eventually break down bringing some snow storms. The best skiing and snow cover has been in the north of the South Island to date.

Mt Lyford
Snow Depth: 60-120cms
You still need to fit chains on your car if driving up the brilliant road to Lyford, so that gives an idea about how this part of the South Island has been faring. Nearby Hanmer Springs is doing well also, and Rainbow up in the Nelson Lakes has had some fine early season skiing.
Mt Lyford gets some snow [Mt Lyford Facebook page]

Snow Depth: 40-70cms

Mt Hutt
Snow Depth: 95-100cms
Mt Hutt may be lucky this weekend as it is a little protected from the direction of the warm, rainy weather system.

Snow Depth: 70-100cms

Treble Cone
Snow Depth: 40-50cms
A bit worried about Treble Cone this weekend in the forecast rain. Hopefully its colder than anticipated and there is some heavy snow in the Saddle Basin.

Snow Depth: 50-60cms

Coronet Peak
Snow Depth: 50-80cms

The Remarkables
Snow Depth: 50-60cms

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